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About Software Guru, Inc.

  Software Guru, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Jerry Langland Ph.D in order to provide highly specialized IT services to the financial industry.

Prior to founding Software Guru, Jerry was the Director of Systems Development and the Technology Consulting Manager for Envestnet.  As the Director of System Development, Jerry was in charge of the Systems, Network and CRM Systems Teams.  As Technology Consulting Manager he oversaw the technical requirements and auditing requirements for large client on-boarding as well as the technical integration of Envestnet and its acquisition of the complimentary company PMC.

Jerry spent the six years prior to Envestnet as the Vice President of IT Strategy and Senior Network Architect for Insignis.  Jerry developed and deployed a highly secure private Metropolitan Area Network linking the largest Futures Commissions Merchants in New York and Chicago.  The core servers of the MAN were Lotus Domino Servers responsible for providing an automated, independent and highly secure multi-path data extraction, translation, distribution and loading system.  During his time at Insignis, Jerry also developed a high speed trading electronic order entry system for Exchange Traded Derivatives.

The experience that led Jerry to his data collection, distribution and analysis was the construction of nano-second level data collections systems for High Energy Particle Physics.  Jerry designed, implemented and operated a number of data collection systems for detectors used in particle collision experiments where the events to be measured and analyzed happened in less than 1 billionth of a second.