Software guru, Inc

Real World Solutions


Small to Mid Sized Business Services

  • Needs Analysis & Consulting
    • Hardware Recommendation
    • Purchasing Assessment
    • Installation & Configuration
    • Software Installation & Configuration
  • Internet Assistance
    • Telco & ISP Management
    • Website Design and Development
    • Hosting Provider Assistance
  • Exchange, SharePoint, Office
    • On Premise
    • In Cloud

Application Development

  • Web Development
    • ASP.Net
    • ASP/HTML
    • XAML/JScript
    • Others
  • Desktop & Server
    • .Net
    • Delphi/OOP
    • VB
    • C/C++
    • MSMQ & MQ Series
    • Cross platform Windows and OS X
      • .Net/Mono
      • Rad Studio XE 5
  • Mobile
    • RAD Studio XE 5
      • iOS
      • Android
    • .Net
      • WebApps (WinRT, iOS, Android)
      • WinRT, Windows Mobile
  • Database
    • MS SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • Sybase
    • MySQL
    • SQLLite

Consulting Services


Software Guru has been providing consulting services to Financial Services companies and traditional small to mid-sized businesses since 2002.

We provide a team of high level technology and financial service professionals able to deliver world class solutions for a fraction of the cost of larger consulting firms.

We believe in working smarter, not harder.  We keep our team sizes small and provide  the best qualified person for the job.  All our team members are highly seasoned professionals and experts in their field.  We don't believe in "on the job training" for our consultants; however we strongly believe in training our client's employees in the operation of everything we deploy for our clients.

Software Guru offers variety of consulting services to our clients. We can provide both high level expertise for business process reengineering to hands on technical and implementation support.

Our primary vertical market is the Financial Services Industry where we focus on providing support for Straight-Through-Processing of trades and Back Office Accounting and Performance Measurement.  In this role we have provided in depth expertise and "built-out" multiple Application Service Provider based financial services firms targeting on the High Wealth/Family Office space along with RIA's, Benefits Consultants, FCM's, CTA's, Trading Firms and Investment Banks.

Other vertical markets we regularly operate in include the media industry, specifically Internet Television and Streaming Audio/Video as well as media and digital rights management applications.



Data Aggregation


The core of our Financial Services Practice is Data Collection, Aggregation, Processing, Analysis and Reporting.

Data aggregation can be a time consuming and downright "dirty" task that needs daily attention.  Software Guru works to automate these processes and streamline their maintenance so that even the largest data feeds average less then half an hour a day to maintain and monitor.

We have and do process data from a large number of different providers of both proprietary data and exchange data.  We most often focus is on building custom data collection, translation and loading mechanisms for our client's in house applications.  Typically we build these ETL applications with a perpetual license and train our clients in their use and if requested modification.  We can also provided ongoing support of these loaders both developmentally and operationally.

Financial Services

  • Data Aggregation
    • Proprietary Data Feeds
      • Custodial Feeds
      • FCM Feeds
      • Data Vendors
        • Bloomberg
        • Reuters
        • IDC
        • TickData
        • Moody's
        • S&P
        • Fitch
    • Exchange Feeds
      • All US Equity & Many International Equities
      • US Municipals
      • US Treasuries
      • US Corporates
      • Futures, Commodities, Options
      • OTC
  • Portfolio Accounting & Performance Reporting
    • Needs Analysis & Assessment
    • Vendor Selection
    • Implementation
    • Training
    • Operational Support
  • Portfolio Auditing
    • PCAOB Requirements Consulting
    • Independent Security Valuation
  • Security Master Services
    • Custom SMS Build & Implementation
    • Operational Support
  • Pricing Master Services
    • Custom PMS Build & Implementation
    • Operational Support
  • Reporting & Visualization
    • Design, Development and Implementation of Custom Reporting Systems
      • Internal Analytics, Applications and Tools
      • Multi-Portal Firm/Advisor/Client Application Service Reporting Web Reporting & Visualization.
    • Implementation & Operational Support

Media Services

  • Multimedia Authoring and Encoding
    • Raw Video
    • Transcoding
    • Editing, Splicing, Sequencing
  • Webcasting & Video Production
    • Live Streaming of Meetings, Events, Webinars, Town Halls,Web Meetings
    • We offer camera services, encoding, web direction and event management.
    • Streaming Services via Wowza or IIS Media Services